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Why Every Pool Project Needs Strong Project Management

Last week we started excavating on this new project for a wonderful client in Caliterra (a gorgeous development here in Dripping Springs). We love the

excavation phase of every pool project, because it's deceptively complex and consequently, extremely rewarding.

While it's certainly not the "sexiest" phase of pool construction, excavation involves a critical skill that isn't always synonymous with pool building - and that's Project Management.

At Ranch Road Pools, we've got project management woven into our DNA. We've got folks on our team that have spent their entire careers in commercial and industrial construction management. So we appreciate the value of experience when it comes to managing the intricacies of custom pool construction from the "Idea" phase all the way through the "Invite Your Neighbors Over for Poolside Margaritas" phase.

Excavation, for example, seems fairly straightforward on the surface. But this step has more variables than any other step in the process, and a good Project Manager is ready to mitigate every issue, should the need arise. For example, weather plays a factor on when to start digging. Nobody wants a new excavation to fill up with rain water. But if it does, pumps and other necessary equipment need to be immediately available. Otherwise, the schedule may start slipping fast with no solution available. The same goes for digging surprises like groundwater or bedrock.

And what about hidden underground utility lines? These must be considered and properly addressed with a solid plan. Your pool builder should have another plan for accessing the pool site with their equipment, and yet another plan for dirt removal (because it piles up fast once excavation is underway).

A good project manager will have a strategy for every step of the project, in order to ensure cost, schedule and craftsmanship expectations are met at every phase of the build. Don't ever hesitate to ask your builder about their project management approach. Every customer should have the peace of mind that their builder has taken every measure to ensure the smoothest experience possible.

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