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Can We Dig It? Yes We Can.

We've got a couple of excavations underway this week in Barton Creek and Wimberly and as we've mentioned before, we love the excavation phase because it's deceptively complex and extremely rewarding. So, we thought we'd share some more thoughts on the process - a.) because it's such a fun part of the overall pool building process, and b.) because it's such a critical step from an accuracy and craftsmanship perspective.

Why It's Fun:

Simply put, this is where a customer's dream backyard literally becomes visible to the client for the first time. Until our crew gets back there and starts sampling soil and making their initials measurements/layouts, the customer's pool only exists on paper. As the excavator continues to move dirt, and the final shape of the pool starts to form, it's a wonderful moment of delight for the customer.

There's also something mesmerizing about watching heavy machinery dig in the ground. One client compared it to sitting around a campfire. In fact, most customers come out and watch this step. They're amazed by the quantity of dirt that's removed, or at the amount of rock under their topsoil - it IS the Hill Country, after all :). There's a reason that folks from 9 months to 99 years old love excavators (if you have small kids, you know Blippi's "1 Hour of Excavators" is simply giving their people what they want).

Why Accuracy Is Critical

When they say there's a science to excavating a pool, they're not kidding. In fact, there's geometry, physics, algebra, geology and a half-dozen other sciences at play when you undertake the process of shaping a very carefully measured pool designed to bear massive loads across various substrates. The rest of the project is contingent upon getting this step right.

Why Craftsmanship Is Critical

Simply put, excavation is the most disruptive step of the pool building process. There's no way to sugarcoat it. It's noisy. Fences are down. Your yard has heavy machinery in it. Pets and children are stuck indoors. Massive loads of dirt are piled high and waiting for removal. That means this step needs to be as quick as possibly for the sake of the customer. So how do you move a process quickly without sacrificing accuracy? The answer is craftsmanship.

Getting it right the first time, with 100% accuracy means that everyone on the excavation team, from the project manager to the designers to the machinery operators must be skilled craftsmen who have mastered their roles in the process.

And frankly, watching a team of professionals work perfectly together is pure, joy, too.

So maybe this entire post is actually all about what makes excavation fun. At any rate, be sure to follow us on the 'Gram/ TikTok/ Facebook for more thoughts, tips and insights into custom pool building.

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